Spirit of the Nations

An amazing and thrilling multimedia Spectacular showcasing the magnificent story of humanity.

Using thousands of lights and effects spanning RCCM’s 14-acre campus, an incredible soundtrack, a spectacular water feature, and an innovative original film shown on the Cube’s Jumbotron, the Spirit of the Nations will be an attraction that will both dazzle and inspire guests of all ages. Spirit of the Nations will be shown nightly at RCCM and is best viewed in front of The Cube. Using the latest cutting edge technology, the many elements of Spirit of the Nations will be synchronized with the music and visuals making for a true multi-sensory and magical experience. Experience Spirit of the Nations and see the grand story of humanity told in a way you’ve never imagined! Coming Soon.

The Cube is RCCM’s new two-story glass atrium, but it’s so much more than just that. The Cube is RCCM’s window to the world — a display space that will showcase all the best of RCCM, using sound, video, effects, light, and a specially designed water feature. The Cube is also an ultra-modern marvel. Its entire face and corners are made of frameless glass– a Rochester first, instantly making it an icon in the city.