• The Bethlehem Barnyard Jamboree

    A new multi-sensory attraction from the producers at Colors Studios.

  • Thrilling Things Ahead

    A new documentary film from the producers at Colors Studios.

From the award-winning production team at SGWW and Colors Studios comes a hilarious "documentary-style" look inside the dramatic, but always genuine world of The Church. The 1/2 hour weekly situation comedy follows the lives of the members of a small upstart community church in upstate New York and the amazing spectacle that is their everyday lives.

Colors Studios is thrilled to have assembled a magnificent principal cast for the 2nd season of the show, which is now in production. Actors include Broadway sensation Nicolette Hart (Rent, The Wedding Singer); veteran actor Peter Doyle; and Tom Deckman (Blue Bloods, Law and Order: SVU, Sex and the City, Monty Python’s Spamalot) to name a few of the 17 talented actors contracted for the show.

The Church is proud to call Old School 31 our home. The amazing 61,000 square foot building, located in the heart of the Arts District in Rochester, New York, has been converted into 7 sound stages, green rooms, staying rooms, and studio space for the show.

Nicolette Hart

"Lauren Bryant"

    Peter Doyle

    "Stu Solomon"

      Alicia Dell'Aria

      "Elizabeth Kennedy"

        Alan Frost

        "Lou Waters"

          Marge Mattioli

          "Dolores Palma"

            Dee LaMonte Perry

            "Otis Jackson"

              John Woodley

              "Pastor Steve"

                Sean Miller

                "Saul Callahan"

                  Reuben Tapp

                  "John Robinson"

                    Luke Martin

                    "Noah Taylor"

                      Paolo Marinaccio

                      "Kyle Connelly"

                        Genevieve Lerner

                        "Tiffany Taylor"

                          Holdon Weekly

                          "Holdon Weekly"

                            Arthur Maher

                            "Buddy White"

                              Colors Studios has a long history of producing awe-inspiring and heart-warming attractions that wow audiences that are both young and young at heart. Colors uses all the latest technology to produce shows that are completely immersive for audiences. And, if the technology doesn't exist to properly tell the story, our talented core of creative and technical artists will create it. Our philosophy is not to merely thrill guests, but to effectively bring our inspirations to life with a multi-sensory approach, without the bounds of traditional limitations. Colors has produced several multi-sensory attractions including Miracle 4D -- a 3D animated and live action film which guests experience on a custom built, computer controlled motion platform. Colors Studios current project is The Bethlehem Barnyard Jamboree - a theme park type stage show and attraction with a cast of life-sized, custom designed, computer controlled animatronics.
                              We are continuously seeking new talent to join the Colors family. Colors Studios has several projects in production including “The Church.” Click the button below to begin the virtual audition process, and take advantage of this opportunity to work with our stars! We hope to one day see your name in lights!